Demonstrate and share learning with Seesaw

The best platform to meaningfully engage students in their learning

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Unlock creative thinking for all students in any subject

Students explore a variety of powerful tools (like drawing, voice recording, taking videos, and more!) to show what they know in the way that works best for them

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Gain insights to meet your students where they are

Understand strengths and areas for growth in real time so you can differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all your students


Engage families in conversations centered on student learning

Connect families to see student work and celebrate progress. Up to ten family members can stay in the loop using the Parent and Family app (iOS, Android) or on web

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Give students a space for ownership and choice

Portfolios make it easy to give students choices. They empower reflection on learning over time and help students create something they’re proud to share with others


Get inspiration and ideas for your classroom

Choose from thousands of engaging activities to use seamlessly within Seesaw. Search by grade level, subject, and keyword to find activities made by real teachers like you


How it works

Seesaw works on any device and any set up — 1:1 or shared! 

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Students use intuitive tools to capture and demonstrate learning in a portfolio


Teachers get valuable insights into what students understand without extra work


Families see their child’s work and leave comments and encouragement


Download the Seesaw app or use Seesaw on the web


Need help? See our step-by-step instructions for downloading Seesaw on any device.



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