Teachers, students and families love Seesaw.

  • Meaningful student engagement

  • Real demonstration of learning

  • Simple implementation in any classroom

  • Authentic family connection

Why get Seesaw for Schools?

Equity and Consistency. Seesaw for Schools makes it easy for ALL your teachers, students, and families to use Seesaw effectively through automated setup, upgraded features, and collaborative tools. Plus, portfolios follow students from year to create a seamless record of learning.

Additional Data Controls. Schoolwide privacy settings help to align Seesaw use to your school/district policies and keep student data under your control. You also get local data storage options, premium setup support, and more.

Upgrades for Teachers. Your teachers will love premium features like Private Folders/Notes, School and District Activity Libraries, adding Specialists and co-teachers to their Seesaw class, and much more. (Learn more)

Visibility and Connection. Principals can see the learning happening across the entire building with analytics and "virtual classroom visits" - and even comment on journal posts directly to show a student you care in less than 30 seconds.

97% of administrators report that Seesaw helps develop a better relationship with their parent community.

91% of administrators said they saw an increase in parent involvement, and could use Seesaw data to track parent engagement.

95% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools helps them use technology more effectively at their school. 

Feature Comparison

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