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Privacy Policy
Review Seesaw’s Privacy Policy: This outlines the types of information we collect, how we collect it, and how that information is used or disclosed by us. 

Review Seesaw’s : These are partner companies that help us provide our services. Opt into the RSS feed to be notified of updates.  

Keeping Data Safe

Understand how Seesaw keeps your data safe: Review Seesaw’s Privacy Promises and security practices.

Data Storage

Regional Data Storage: To have your data stored in Canada, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Only available for paid school subscriptions.

Parental Consent

    If relying on parental consent to collect student data, obtain parental consent before adding students to Seesaw: You can find a sample parental consent form here.

Legal Notices

    Ensure all administrators who require receipt of legal notices create a Seesaw account: Seesaw provides legal notices like updates to our Privacy Policy to all Seesaw teachers and administrators.

Seesaw has received the following internationally-recognized awards for its security and data privacy commitments.

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*The information provided is intended as informational resources and is not legal advice. Customers should consult their Privacy Officer or legal counsel to ensure compliance before using Seesaw.

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