The best app for creative thinking on Chromebooks & Google Classroom

Student portfolios • Formative insights • Family communication


Amazing creative tools for Chromebooks

Seesaw’s full screen canvas and annotative tools give students the ability to create on touch-enabled or keyboard-only Chromebooks. Students can also share work from Google Classroom directly into their Seesaw portfolio and add powerful layers of creative thinking and reflection.

A portfolio to capture all student work

Give all student work a place to shine. Whether students create digital work in Google Classroom and other apps or their projects are done off the computer, it all goes in Seesaw. Students capture work they’re proud to share with others in their growing Seesaw portfolio.

Formative insights for teachers using Google Classroom

Import Google Classroom rosters to set up Seesaw classes in just a few clicks. When students add work from Google Classroom to their Seesaw portfolio, teachers get a more complete picture of student progress and gain insights into strengths and areas for growth.

Improved family engagement & communication

With Seesaw and Google together, families have more visibility into real time student learning and can celebrate student successes with comments of encouragement. Families love seeing their children make progress in the classroom.

Download the Seesaw app or use Seesaw on the web

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