Computer Science

Computer Science Curriculum Powered by Seesaw

On the platform built for student voice and creation, K-5 Computer Science curriculum from Seesaw engages every student in foundational computer science concepts – starting in kindergarten

Empower Elementary Computer Science

Empower Elementary Computer Science
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Foundational Computer Science Concepts
Empower students with the foundational skills they need for success in our digital world – beyond just coding
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Age-Appropriate Supports for Elementary Learners
Lessons scaffold complex computer science concepts in ways that learners of all ages can understand
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The Right Balance of Plugged and Unplugged Learning
Seesaw tools make it easy for students to capture hands-on learning and add layers of explanation and reflection

Discover the Seesaw Difference

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Aligned To Your Standards

Computer science is more than just computer literacy and coding. Seesaw’s Computer Science curriculum addresses the core strands in your state’s elementary computer science standards, including:
  • Systems and Impacts of Computing
  • Networks and the Internet
  • Data and Analysis
  • Computational Thinking
  • Algorithms and Programming
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Designed for Elementary

Engage young learners with age-appropriate scaffolds that provide the building blocks for future computer science learning and inspire every student to see computer science in their lives, including:
  • Multimedia inputs like audio directions, videos, interactive texts, and guided discussions
  • Personal connections through diverse characters, cross-curricular connections, and real-life scenarios
  • Plugged and unplugged activities
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Powered by Seesaw’s Multimodal Learning Tools

High-quality computer science instruction requires powerful learning tools designed for young learners. Seesaw’s multimodal tools amplify fundamental skills at the core of computer science instruction, including:
  • Creative expression and communication
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration and connection
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Fit Into Every Classroom

Lessons flex to fit into any instructional day. Seesaw works with your school’s specific set up and is simple to integrate into:
  • Core instruction
  • Specials rotations
  • Designated computer science blocks
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The curriculum includes key concepts beyond coding around computational thinking, digital literacy, and digital citizenship. It also encourages pair programming, which fosters collaboration in the classroom and maps to a common practice for computer scientists and engineers.
Marisa Dahl
Digital Learning Consultant, Heartland AEA
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Teach Computer Science With Confidence

Designed by content experts, everything teachers need for high-quality instruction is built in.
  • Teachers prepare for instruction with scope and sequences, lesson plans, pacing guides, and free professional development.
  • Whole class instruction and guided practice are supported by engaging videos, interactive texts, and discussion questions.
  • Independent practice includes engaging activities that reinforce learning with cross-curricular, real-life connections.
  • Assessments give teachers actionable insights into student learning beyond what can be captured by pencil and paper.
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