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Introducing powerful new creative tools and a Chromebook experience that’s better than ever.

New creative tools are live on the web and iOS, coming soon to Android.

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Intuitive tools for all learners

Seesaw’s tools are intuitive, open-ended, and meet students where they are, so students at all levels have more options to show what they know. When students can demonstrate their learning in ways that work best for them, they thrive.

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Endless possibilities to create and reflect

Students can use a full screen canvas, expressive pens, labels, shapes, Multipage, and more to demonstrate their learning across all grade levels and subject areas.

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Better than ever on Chromebooks

Features include a full screen creative canvas, a rebuilt video experience, the draw + record tool, Multipage, touchscreen compatibility, and keyboard shortcuts. Students can add work from Google Drive directly into their Seesaw portfolio and teachers can import Google Classroom rosters to set up Seesaw classes.


Students can demonstrate their learning in ways that work best for them

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“Whether it’s math, writing, social studies, art class, music class… Seesaw works for everything in the school day. Even better, our kids can use Seesaw on devices like Chromebooks. Seesaw works great on any device that we have access to.”

-Mrs. Tucker, 3rd Grade Teacher

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Reading Comprehension


Science Journal

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