Teacher-parent communication centered on learning

Foster meaningful connections between home and school

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With Seesaw, home-school communication is centered on the student and their learning

Keep student work and family communication all in one place

✓ Build family trust and support with ongoing visibility into student learning

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Empower students to update their family about classroom learning

From video reflections to hands-on group projects, students of all ages are empowered to add work to their journal where family members can see it and leave comments of encouragement

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Safe communication you can control

Seesaw takes privacy seriously and ensures all data is safe and secure

✓ Student work comes to you (the teacher) for approval

✓ Families only see their own student's work

✓ You choose if you would like to enable family commenting. All comments come to you first before anyone sees them

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Effective messaging for every occasion

Teachers share photos, videos, links, and files in

✓ Private messages to individual family members

✓ Announcements to the whole class (students, families, or both)

Perfect for newsletters, weekly recaps, and field trip reminders

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Reach all families — in their language

Help break down language barriers with translation in over 55 languages

Any text written in Seesaw (like notes, captions, comments, announcements, or messages) can be translated at the tap of a button by both teachers and families

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Helpful Resources

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A proactive parent engagement guide from Common Sense Media

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Seesaw simplifies your Parent-Teacher conferences and empowers students to lead

Find Out How

Take a look inside the Family App

Curious what families can see on Seesaw?

Take a Tour

Connect with families using Inbox

Learn how to send messages and announcements in Seesaw

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Start building connections

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