Encourage Student Ownership

Students use Seesaw’s creative tools to create, capture and reflect on learning in a portfolio they’re proud of.  



Inspire Students To Do Their Best

Students get excited to engage when they see their own progress over time and can show classmates and family. 




Focus More On Your Students

Seesaw helps teachers see what students know, get great ideas for lessons and differentiate instruction.

Seesaw in Action

Teachers from our community share how their students use Seesaw. 


An essential part of our mission is providing a service that keeps students safe, and puts teachers and parents in control of how student information is shared.  Visit our Privacy Center to learn more. 


Download Seesaw App or Use Seesaw on the Web

 99% of teachers would recommend Seesaw to a colleague and plan to use it in their classroom again this year.  

95% of teachers say that Seesaw helps teach their students 21st Century skills and use technology more effectively.

92% of teachers report an increase in parent involvement and engagement since using Seesaw.

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What Teachers Say About Seesaw

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