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Build Upon What You're Already Doing

Seesaw works seamlessly with your existing technology and curriculum ecosystem to keep high-quality instruction, family engagement, and differentiation front and center without additional overhead.

The Comprehensive Learning Experience Platform

Seesaw’s flexible learning tools are developmentally appropriate from students’ first days in pre-k through upper elementary and beyond – so Seesaw can be the thread through students’ entire learning journey.
Seesaw equips students of all ages to:
  • Be creators of knowledge and show their learning
  • Share their growth with an authentic audience
  • Build key skills for success now and in the future
Explore Seesaw Curriculum Alignments
PreK-5 Curriculum Alignments

Learning Management System Integrations

seesaw chrome extension
In conjunction with Google Classroom, Seesaw makes thinking visible, gives teachers real time insights to inform instruction and captures student growth over time.
Learning Management System Integrations
Bring the power of Seesaw’s multimodal teaching and learning tools directly into Canvas.
I was skeptical… What was the point of Seesaw when we already used Google Classroom? It didn’t take me too long to become a Seesaw believer.
Tim Cavey
Middle School Assistant Principal
Rostering Integrations

Rostering Integrations

Automate class, teacher, and student rostering from Clever or ClassLink to your district’s Seesaw account Integrations include:
  • Add Seesaw as an application in Clever or ClassLink
  • Set sharing rules
  • Manual syncs or automatic nightly syncs
Explore Rostering Methods on Seesaw
The ease of implementation was really attractive. The connection to Clever was a big help, as was the fact that Seesaw works equally well across multiple platforms like Chromebooks or iPads.
Steve Simpson, Digital Curriculum Team
Beaverton School District

PreK-5 Curriculum Alignments

Explore the Seesaw Library to find hundreds of ready-to-assign lessons covering early literacy, math, ELA, STEAM, classroom routines, social-emotional learning, computer science, and more!
Alignments include:
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • State-specific standards, including TEKS and CA state standards
  • Phonics programs, including Heggerty and Fundations
  • Speciality standards, including ISTE, CSTA, and Second Step
Explore Seesaw Curriculum Alignments
PreK-5 Curriculum Alignments

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