Introducing... Multipage!


Seesaw for Schools just got better! Multipage allows students to showcase their learning in even more powerful ways, by using all of Seesaw’s annotative and creative tools across multiple pages. This also means teachers can use fewer apps.

Math Multipage GIF (1).gif

Demonstrate multiple strategies in math

Students can show multiple ways of solving a math problem in one post, using all of Seesaw’s flexible creative and annotative tools (including “Draw & Record”!).

ELA Multipage GIF (1).gif

Unlock more ways to analyze text in ELA

Students can use the first page of a Seesaw post as a “cover”, and subsequent pages to demonstrate examples of Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict and more. The possibilities are endless.

Science Multipage Screenshot (1).png

Document multiple steps of a Science experiment

Students show the hypothesis, steps of an experiment, findings, and conclusions - all in one authentic learning artifact, reflecting the learning journey.