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Seesaw is the only Learning Experience Platform designed for elementary offering a suite of award-winning tools, resources, and curriculum for teachers to deliver joyful, inclusive instruction. Through interactive lessons, digital portfolios, and two-way communication features, Seesaw keeps everyone in the learning loop by providing continuous visibility into the student's learning experience to support and celebrate their learning. Whether you are a teacher looking to get started with Seesaw, or an administrator looking for a whole school or district implementation, we’re here to help you.

Tiers & Features

With Seesaw Starter, teachers can always get started for free. For premium features and unlimited access, upgrade your plan to Seesaw Instruction & Insights and see the full power of Seesaw and the benefits it can have for your whole school or district.
Seesaw Starter
Get started with core features that are free for teachers, students, and families.
Core Features
Multimodal learning tools
Connect family members
2 Teachers per class
100 design activities and share with colleagues
Individual and custom group messages to families
Set office hours for notifications
Translation of all written text into 100+ languages
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Seesaw Instruction & Insights
Unlock unlimited access to expanded features to create an instructional ecosystem built for your entire school or district implementations.
Includes all Core Features PLUS:
Multipage activities and posts
Drafts and send back work for revision
Schedule activities and add due dates
Assign instructional sequences*
Advanced instructional tools*
Assessment & Insights
Auto-graded formative assessment
Showcase exemplar work with a highlights folder
Monitor student engagement
Class-level student standards dashboard
School and district-level standards dashboard
School and district library, with the ability to curate aligned to you scope & sequence*
Access to core standards-aligned supplemental lessons for PreK-6
Full access to Computer Science, powered by Seesaw
Ability to add on Early Literacy curriculum*
Ability to add on English Language Development curriculum*
School-wide messages and announcements
Schedule messages and announcements
School and district-wide settings
Centralized Management
District LMS and SIS integration
School and district-wide engagement data
School and district-wide settings
Year-over-year portfolios and connection
Regional data storage
Support & Training
Email and chat support
Asynchronous resources and training kits
Ability to add on Professional Development sessions with an expert facilitator
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We are able to give greater visibility to the principals, greater visibility to the parents, and more tools for teachers. It was an easy decision because there was a noted value add for everyone and at an affordable price point.
Lindsey Blass
San Francisco Unified School District
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We Build Upon What You’re Already Doing

Seesaw integrates with popular LMS and SIS platforms for a streamlined experience, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Clever, and ClassLink.
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