Piloting Seesaw for Schools

The Seesaw for Schools Pilot program lets your school or district try our full-featured, upgraded service for schoolwide implementation, free of charge. Once your school account gets set up, all teachers and administrators in your building will be able to participate and take advantage of the upgraded features


Step 1. Review the FAQ's on this page carefully. When you're ready, request your pilot here or by clicking the "Request Pilot" button below (please do not submit duplicate requests).

Step 2. You will receive an email with a link to a pilot setup form. Once you complete the form, we'll create your Seesaw for Schools account and invite the "admin" contacts you provide to join your new school dashboard. 

Step 3. After your admin accounts are activated, you'll be able to add the other teachers in your building to your school pilot!


Zero obligation, period.

  • Your school will not be automatically invoiced at any point, nor will you be under any obligation to purchase Seesaw for Schools at the end of your pilot period. 
  • If you continue with Seesaw for Schools after your pilot period ends, the cost will be $5 USD per student / year, with discounts available for bulk and multiyear subscriptions.
  • To continue your subscription after your pilot period ends, your school will need to proactively request and sign a quote/contract.

Easy transition into and out of your pilot. 

  • You'll be able to easily transfer all existing teacher, classroom and student data into your school account - no work will be lost.
  • If you decide to discontinue your Seesaw for Schools license at the end of your pilot period, all accounts will simply revert back to the free version of Seesaw. Again, no work will be lost.

Other FAQ.

  • Like Seesaw for Schools, the pilot is intended to be implemented across your school and should include teachers across different grade levels as well as your building administrators. 
  • As the person requesting the pilot, you can ask to be added as an "admin" to your new school dashboard, even if you're not the Principal or other administrator (you'll see this option on the setup form). Your Principal and anyone else you list in the setup form will be added as "admins", too.
  • You can review the key differences between the free version of Seesaw and Seesaw for Schools below. 

Seesaw for Schools

See These Features In Action (Video)