Seesaw for Schools: Free Trial Program (FAQ)

“I don’t say this lightly...Seesaw has been an absolute game-changer for teachers. The enhanced family connection has increased participation in family nights, parent conferences, and school-day activities." — Eric LeMoine, Innovation Strategist at Beaverton Public Schools, OR

The Seesaw for Schools Trial Program lets schools or districts try our full-featured, upgraded service free of charge through the end of 2018.

You've been invited to participate because teachers in your school or district are already using the free version of Seesaw to inspire their students and capture learning.

During the trial, all teachers and administrators in your building will be able to try Seesaw and take advantage of the upgraded features. 


The Free Trial Program is currently invite only. Please check your email for the unique link to get set up.

Free Trial Details

Zero obligation.

  • Your school will not be automatically invoiced at any point, nor will you be under any obligation to purchase Seesaw for Schools at the end of your trial period.

  • To continue after your trial period ends, your school will need to proactively request and sign a contract. The cost will be $5 USD per student / year, with additional discounts available.

Easy transition into and out of your free trial. 

  • You'll be able to transfer all existing teacher, classroom and student data into your Seesaw for Schools account, without losing any learning already captured in Seesaw.

  • If you decide to discontinue Seesaw for Schools at the end of your trial period, all accounts will simply revert back to the free version of Seesaw. All your data stays with you.

Seesaw for Schools benefits

  • Increase student and family engagement using the best version of Seesaw

  • Save time for teachers, families and admins

  • See student progress year to year, and more (see below)!


Learn more about Seesaw for Schools

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