Seesaw for Schools

Seesaw for Schools is our product for implementing Seesaw school or district wide.


Student portfolios From
k Through 12th

Build a comprehensive record of student learning with Seesaw for Schools. Portfolios sync class to class and follow students for their entire career at your school, so it's possible to track progress over time.  


As an administrator, Seesaw for Schools gives you an instant overview of what students are learning and their progress towards standards. Plus, get real-time data to support teachers and improve family engagement. 

Centralized Setup and Management

Seamlessly import your rosters, and take advantage of secure, centralized administration of accounts. You can upload skills or standards for your school, and download student portfolios in bulk. Clever sync is also available. 

90% of administrators say that Seesaw for Schools was worth spending their budget dollars on and plan to use Seesaw for Schools again next year. 


97% of administrators report that Seesaw helps develop a better relationship with their parent community.

95% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools helps them use technology more effectively at their school. 


School Success Stories

Learn how other schools are implementing Seesaw for Schools to empower students, engage parents and meet their learning goals. 


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