Everyone Can Code & Seesaw

Use this guide to get started using Seesaw as a progress journal in conjunction with
the Everyone Can Code curriculum from Apple.



SEt UP Your Class

Before students can document their coding progress in their Seesaw portfolio, set up your Seesaw class. 

  1. Download the Seesaw Class app for iOS

  2. Choose "I'm a Teacher" and create an account

  3. Follow the prompts to create your class

  4. Tap the Wrench icon to adjust class settings

  5. Watch the video to get a full tour of the Seesaw app


Get Students Signed In

If you teach grades PreK-3: 
Students will sign in by scanning a special QR code using Seesaw's built-in QR code reader.

If you teach grades 4-12:
Students will sign in using their school email address, or by scanning a special QR code for your class. If your students share iPads, we recommend QR code sign in for ease.  

Check out the student sign in FAQ.


Students Add Their First Journal EnTRY 

Students will use Seesaw to respond to the prompts in the Journal section at the end of each lesson in the Learn to Code 1 & 2 Teacher Guide from Apple. 

To add a post to Seesaw: 

  1. Tap the green + Add button

  2. Tap the Camera Roll tool

  3. Select a screenshot or video captured in the Swift Playgrounds app

  4. Use the microphone or caption tools to explain or reflect

When new posts are added by students, they are sent to the teacher for approval. Once approved, posts are shared with classmates and connected families! 


USE folders for Organization 

To add another layer of organization to students' Seesaw portfolios, you can create folders for your class.

To create folders in Seesaw:

  1. Tap the Wrench icon

  2. Tap Manage Folders

  3. Create folders for each lesson in Learn to Code 1 & 2 Teacher Guide. Ex: Swift Playgrounds Lesson 1, Swift Playgrounds Lesson 2, Swift Playgrounds Lesson 3, etc.

  4. Questions? Watch the folders video!